Monday, November 28, 2011

Three Days on the Santa Croce Steps!

Day One     
            So ever since the first night I sat on the steps of the Santa Croce, it has become one of my favorite places. There is never a dull night on these steps. What still blows my mind is the fact that people are drinking on church steps. Crazy! Tonight it’s not as crowded as usually but then again it is only 10 o’clock. It seems different tonight I think there are more young Italians than ever before. Usually, I see more Americans around but tonight I only see one or two which is quite shocking. Oh no. Here comes the African man with his crazy bright lite up toys. No, I don’t want any. No, I don’t speak Italian. No, I’m not from Africa. No, I’m not from Senegal, I’m American. Ciao! Same thing over and over again. I move up a few steps (sitting on the bottom gets you noticed too much). As I move up, I bump into an empty wine bottle just left on the steps. I move it to the side but then I notice all the other empty cups and bottles around me. All I can think of is the tourists who are going to see this in the morning. I still can’t believe Italians come here almost every night just to hang out with friends and drink. They look like young high school students or college students but I really cannot tell. So there is the guy sitting next to me who keeps looking at me I think he could be thirty years old with his tight blue polo and grey pants. Oh my god! He just smiled at me. I think it’s time for me to move again. Ah, much better. Now I can think and observe better, wait that was a lie. Here comes another African man to bother but this one does not have any crazy knickknacks. Oh no, same conversation. Crazy Men!!
Day Two
Its 8:30 a.m. and the steps of the Santa Croce are clean! It is unbelievable! Well, cleaner than they were last night. When do they clean them? How do they clean them and who cleans them? They are like sneaky ninjas. I remember once being out here until almost 5 a.m. and never seeing anyone. day I’m going to have to stay up all night and catch them. Everything is so quiet this morning and there is barely anything open. Not many tourists around, only some store owners and vendors being to open up shop. I love the silence! I love just sitting here and being able to actually relax and not worry about somebody walking up to me asking me if I speak Italian or if I’m from Africa. It’s just this peaceful bliss that I can truly enjoy. I should wake up every morning to this lovely quietness but then again I’ll probably miss the noise my neighbors make every morning. Well, time to go make breakfast. I’m so hungry.
Day Three
12 noon. The Santa Croce at noon is crazy. So many tourists, it’s seriously scary but it’s more frustrating than anything. It took me almost ten minutes just to reach the steps because of these Asian tourists all crowded at the end of my street. The real question is will they ever go away? I have the strange feeling that the answer to that question is no. Now I really see why the Italians live outside the city center. Having to deal with the crowds and crowds of tourists each and every day is annoying. I’m sitting on the steps next to an old couple who look like they are tired from all the walking they have been doing. It makes me wonder what they do for a living, what made them come to Italy and where they off are to next? As much as they irritate me they also fascinate me. I know it sounds strange but it’s true. Just sitting here wondering why all these people are here and why? I would love to learn their stories. Oh no. Here comes another African trying to sell me a painting. Will they ever stop bothering me? I doubt it but I think it is time to go. Ciao for now!


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